1. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #32

      Building meaningful relationships is one of the happiest ways to improve our health. When you invest in positive relationships it has profound effects on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. So call up your bestie, or that long-distance friend that you’ve fallen out of touch with, and ask them how they are – they will probably ask you too!

  2. Apple-Choy Slaw

    A refreshing slaw salad for lunch! Bok Choy is packed full of anti-oxidants, is anti-inflammatory, and a great source of Vitamin C. Its semi-bitter flavor adds a nice bite when paired with the sweetness of apples. Ingredients: 5 stalks Bok Choy, chopped 1 granny smith apple, sliced 1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced For the Dressing: 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) 2 tsp honey or brown rice... Read More

  3. Chocolate Raspberry Bites

    Chocolate Raspberry Bites are so simple to make! Enjoy them as a delicious dessert, or pack them for an on-the-go snack. Ingredients: 6 (or more!) Red Raspberries 6 (or more!) Dark Vegan Chocolate Chips Directions: Wash raspberries and dry. Place chocolate chips in the opening of the berries. Enjoy!

  4. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #31

      Winter can be tough on our skin, so its important to give it some extra care. Love your body this week by taking some extra time to pamper yourself. You can add some essential oils to your coconut oil, or even try this body care scrub. Take a moment to enjoy your body and all the wonderful things it does for you!

  5. Cold & Flu Body Scrub

    There’s no better time to care for your body than cold & flu season. Make this DIY body scrub to pamper yourself when you’re feeling under the weather. Ingredients: 2 cups Epsom salt 1 cup coconut oil 5 drops lemon oil 5 drops eucalyptus oil Directions: Add salt to a bowl. Slowly stir in coconut oil until the mixture is smooth. You may not need the entire cup. Add essential... Read More

  6. Warming Endive Pasta

    This warming endive pasta is perfect for a cozy winter night. The recipe makes plenty for two, or double it for dinner with friends. Endive promotes healthy digestion and is anti-inflammatory, so snuggle in and chow down! Ingredients: 1 lb. brown rice pasta 1 head endive, rinsed & chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 3 shallots, chopped 1/4 cup toasted pine nuts 1/2 cup raisins 2 tbsp. olive oil Directions: Boil... Read More

  7. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #30

        Body Love Challenge! Stand in front of your mirror naked and tell your body how incredible, beautiful, and perfect it is! Remember that you are lovely, and that your body gives you life. Say Thank You for legs that take you where you need to go, lungs that help you breathe, arms that give and receive hugs, and eyes to help you see. Bonus challenge: Try this once... Read More

  8. Fireside Hot Cocoa Recipe

    Fireside (1)
    As winter weather kicks in, our bodies naturally crave warmer foods and drinks. There’s nothing like sitting by the fire under holiday decorations with a giant cup of hot cocoa. However, most store-bought hot chocolate is filled with chemicals, additives, and tons of sugar. Give your body a break and make your own hot chocolate to ensure its ingredients are few and pure, and taste superb. Bonus: Make your own... Read More

  9. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #29

    Spend some quality time with your body, let those clothes drop! This little ritual always feels a little scary and a little exciting, as if you’re a kid again doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. Go ahead, walk around your house naked! And remember when you do that your body is perfect exactly the way it is, and so are you!

  10. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #28

        Let loose and dance like no one is watching! Is your roomie/partner/dog/mom home too? Pull them in for a spontaneous dance party! Don’t be afraid to get down wherever you are, release that negativity and have fun.