For your laughing pleasure only:

So I will admit it, I’m not the most prophetic speaker at times. Sometimes when I speak, I make up words or phrases. However, instead of feeling shameful or remorseful, I have embraced my new lingo. If you hear me make up a word, let me know and we’ll add it to the list. Do you think Webster would be interested in some of my newly coined words?

  • Hangry (n); when you are so hungry, you become angry.
  • Repalling (n): it’s so repulsive, it’s appalling.
  • Junk Mood (a): a type of mental state after eating junk food.
  • Real Food (n): you know, the stuff that comes from the ground or grows on trees, not processed in a lab. Oh yeah, you should also be able to pronounce it.
  • Cook with Love (v): cook with good energy; put love into everything you make.
  • Eat with Love (v): love your food, whether it’s kale or a cookie; practice eating with good energy.
  • Food Guilt (a): the guilt we feel around eating or not eating certain foods. Especially when it comes to eating “junk food” or falling off the healthy eating wagon.

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