1. 2May

    52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #48

    Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping because of stress or worry? Can’t turn off your brain? You could be missing out on some self-care before bedtime. This week, take some extra time in the evening to unwind. Turn off your phone, read, relax, pamper your skin & hair, and take a moment to just breathe. Lavender is calming and a natural sleep aid. Put some...
  2. 2May

    Trader Joe’s Weekly Picks

    Fun fact: I despise grocery shopping. The overwhelming barrage of boxes on display and bustling aisles gives me stimulation overload. Also, why are things never in the right place? Last week, I needed some sundried tomatoes and was forced to go to a grocery store I rarely shop at. I searched near the fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, and pasta area only to come up empty...
  3. 18Apr

    52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #47

                                Sometimes we just need a moment to ourselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed today, if you catch yourself saying negative things about your body, if you just can’t deal with everyone – take 10 deep breathes. Find a space where you can get calm for just a moment and love yourself.
  4. 4Apr

    52 Ways to Love Your Body – week #46

    Have some friends over for a few hours of self-love! This is such a fun way to appreciate your beauty, as well as sharing it with friends. Take this time to indulge yourselves, self-love is best experienced when shared!
  5. 3Apr

    52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #45

    Our homes should be a place of retreat and relaxation. We need safe spaces so that we can recharge in order to face the world head on and accomplish our goals. Decorate your space with things that remind you that you are powerful and loved. This can be as simple as dedicating a single room or corner of a room to decompress. Here are some...
  6. 29Mar

    3 Times Being Hangry Got Me in Trouble

    As the Food Mood Girl, I wish I was somehow excluded from the symptoms caused by being hangry. However, as a human, sometimes I get busy and forget to eat, which as we know, often leads to hanger episodes. And, at times, I may have been too hangry for my own good. Luckily, I have not been arrested for hangry outbursts, but the feeling of...
  7. 28Mar

    52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #44

      Send a little love note to a stranger! When we encourage others and spread love, we are able to love ourselves more too. Write your note as if you are writing it to yourself – highlight all the things that you would need or want to hear if you were having a bad day. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make a new friend!
  8. 23Mar

    Gluten-Free Earl Grey Tea Cookies

    Sometimes when I decide to create something in the kitchen, I just get a burst of inspiration, an intense craving, or a memory of the time I was eating a certain food. These tea cookies were a combination of those three things. I first had tea cookies as a kid. I remember my grandma, who was, and still is, an avid tea drinker, would buy...
  9. 19Mar

    52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #43

    Treat yo’ self! Buy some flowers to freshen up your space, and don’t forget to write yourself a love note to go with them – because you deserve it!
  10. 16Mar

    Not Your Average Spaghetti Recipe

    Spaghetti was a staple meal in my family’s house. It was quick, easy, and didn’t take much thought to put together. However, it usually left me overstuffed, anxious, and tired. After I discovered the aptly named spaghetti squash, I could continue to eat this comforting meal without feeling groggy and anxious! This squash has the look and feel of spaghetti with all the veggie-goodness nutrients...