1. Naked Fudgy Cake Doughnuts

    Cake doughnuts are my jam. I love preparing them, eating them, and sharing them with friends. I had a chance to make these Naked Fudgy Cake Doughnuts the other day for my good friend, Quelcy of With the Grains. She also styled, photographed and taste-tested them. The secret ingredient to making these doughnuts extra fudgy and delicious is the Naked Casein Protein Powder I add instead of milk or other dairy products.... Read More

  2. Eat Your Feelings Cover Reveal!

    Magic. That is the only word I can use to describe how I feel about the process of writing my book, Eat Your Feelings. The story of how I found my agent, landed a book deal, and how the key players who’ve helped make this book happen just ended up being the exact right people is all pure magic. Working on this book has been the most fun I have... Read More

  3. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #52

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      Love your body like your life depends on it – because it does! Amazing things will happen in your life when you love your body completely. You are enough! And only you have the power to love yourself fully. Love your body everyday, because you are worth it!

  4. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #51

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      Changing the way you think is difficult, but immensely powerful. This week, replace all your “have-to’s” with “get to’s”. Instead of having to eat healthy, having to go to yoga, or having to take the dog on a walk, say “I get to do this!”. Repeat at least once a day this week and watch the transformation happen. A little switch in perspective can go a long way – and... Read More

  5. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #50

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    Repeat this 3 times a day, everyday, until you believe it – because it is true!

  6. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #49

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    Don’t use a scale, unless of course you’re using it for your veggies at the super market. You don’t need it! This week go without your scale. Give your body a moment to just be – perfect and beautiful exactly the way it is!

  7. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #48

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    Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping because of stress or worry? Can’t turn off your brain? You could be missing out on some self-care before bedtime. This week, take some extra time in the evening to unwind. Turn off your phone, read, relax, pamper your skin & hair, and take a moment to just breathe. Lavender is calming and a natural sleep aid. Put some on your pillow before bed... Read More

  8. Trader Joe’s Weekly Picks

    Fun fact: I despise grocery shopping. The overwhelming barrage of boxes on display and bustling aisles gives me stimulation overload. Also, why are things never in the right place? Last week, I needed some sundried tomatoes and was forced to go to a grocery store I rarely shop at. I searched near the fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, and pasta area only to come up empty handed. I finally caved and... Read More

  9. 52 Ways to Love Your Body More! – week #47

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                                Sometimes we just need a moment to ourselves. If you’re feeling overwhelmed today, if you catch yourself saying negative things about your body, if you just can’t deal with everyone – take 10 deep breathes. Find a space where you can get calm for just a moment and love yourself.

  10. 52 Ways to Love Your Body – week #46

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    Have some friends over for a few hours of self-love! This is such a fun way to appreciate your beauty, as well as sharing it with friends. Take this time to indulge yourselves, self-love is best experienced when shared!