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IMG_2514When Lindsey was 12 years old, she had a panic attack that sent her into the hospital.

After that experience, she committed herself to health and happiness, by self-seeking coaches and mentors. And within a few years, Lindsey starting teaching her own stress management classes to her high school peers.

And let’s just say—the rest is history.

As an author and speaker, she’s deeply passionate about helping others live a healthy and happy life.

One reader described her as a “young spirit rocking an old soul,” while another declared her to be the “next generation Arianna Huffington.”

Her stories and tips have been featured on the Liza Oz Show, MindBodyGreen and CBS News. She is also one of the leading contributors on Ehow.com.

When she’s not drinking kale smoothies, you can find her writing, speaking and rapping about self-love.

Meet Lindsey and stay in-the-know about her upcoming happenings at www.FoodMoodGirl.com.

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“Lindsey did an outstanding job of connecting with the audience, and delivered a compelling, entertaining and thought-provoking presentation.  She was able to combine her expertise with humor and deliver a spot-on presentation. “
– Jessica Shuber, Community Action Southwest

“Your workshop gave me the motivation to quit smoking! It’s been three weeks since my last cigarette!”
– Danielle, Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network

“Our student delegates couldn’t stop talking about Lindsey! We will definitely be inviting her back next year!”
– Scott Wojciechowski, I-Lead Conference Co-Founder

Lindsey connected emotionally with the girls and taught them how to feel better both physically and mentally. She invoked an awakening in our organization by instilling hope in our girls for the future–motivating them to be the best versions of themselves. But moreover, Lindsey taught the young women here how to love themselves. Plus, she raps! Lindsey made healthy living a fun thing to talk about and inspired all of us to think more proactively about how we treat our bodies. Lindsey was a complete joy to have and I greatly recommend inviting her to your organization!
– Amanda Filippelli, The Bradley Center

I just listened to Lindsey Smith talk about “Junk Foods and Junk Moods,” and I thought it was one of the most amazing programs and speakers that I’ve ever heard. Being someone who’s been through [weight issues] most of my life…some of the key issues she spoke about today are crucial to why people do what they do when it comes to eating….Out of all the things I’ve heard, being 56 years old, I’ve taken much out of this. What she’s said is true. I would encourage anyone, if they have the opportunity to hear her speak. And the issues she talks about, please listen…I’m so grateful that I was here today!
– Sharon, New York Food Service Association

Lindsey brought me to tears when she was talking about her [struggle with] anxieties…For her to have that testimony; it’s a wonderful thing that she shared with us. My daughter has anxiety…and now I can tell her that she can be motivated like Lindsey.
– New York Food Service Association